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Hi, I’m Kerry, florist and founder of The Freelance Florist.

I have been a part of the floristry industry for over 10 years now, and I have an immense passion for producing great floral creations for a range of events. Alongside this, I am incredibly passionate about the floristry industry working together as a community. I believe that so many wonderful things can be created when we work together, share our knowledge and support each other, and this in part is what The Freelance Florist encompasses.

During my time in the industry I have come to understand the complexities that come with finding staff and additional team members for peak times of the year and big projects. Having had a village based floristry business with employed staff, to an independent studio based business run just by myself, I know the varying demands that are placed on the business throughout the year.

I felt there was a real gap in the industry, as well as a wonderful opportunity to connect florists with businesses. And I love that our service allows you to showcase yourself as the wonderful florists that you are. I know that with honesty and respect many more florists and businesses can work beautifully together.

And so, The Freelance Florist was born.