We are excited to introduce you to be a part of our floristry community. Here you will be able to create a profile, list your experiences and showcase your abilities to a range of floristry businesses; all of whom are looking for short-term freelance florists to join them on big projects and during busy periods. 

If you are already a freelance florist you should find this a great way to maintain a connection with the floristry network across the UK and pick up great new projects as they become available. 

If you are new to floristry, working on freelance projects will allow you to gain valuable experiences on a range of projects, with different sized businesses and working with a range of unique floristry styles. 


To become listed on our freelance florist directory, simply click the button below to sign up for our annual listing subscription which costs £30 per year. 

Once you have subscribed, you will be sent a link to create a profile which will be listed on our Freelance Florist Directory. You will be guided through our profile template form which should be completed fully and honestly to showcase your skills and abilities. 

Once we have received your information we will create your profile listing on our website. Here, floristry businesses with vacancies will be able to contact you directly about opportunities they have. We will also email when new vacancies become available so that you are the first to know.

You will also have access to our business support contacts who can help you with every element of making your business a success. Each of these contacts are offering a special rate for our subscribed florists.

You can check the vacancies directory and contact floristry businesses with vacancies at any point during your subscription.