Hear what our clients have to say...

“I was so happy to discover the role on 'The Freelance Florist', I was notified by email as well as seeing a post on social media and was able to apply quickly and easily for the position of Valentines Day shop cover. Kerry was helpful and positive throughout, making sure I was happy with all the communications I was receiving and checking in with me to make sure all went well after my time at Of The Wild. My experience on the job was amazing, I learnt new skills, honed my own floristry in a new setting and really enjoyed the customer service side of the work (I felt like I had landed on my feet having not come from a retail background!). I also got on so incredibly well with Kath, we are now firm friends and it's a joy to be able to say I will be working more with her in the future, all thanks to Kerry and The Freelance Florist! I think as well as a great place to post jobs and find work, it's also a brilliant resource for networking and community. Floristry should be about sharing and support, something I think The Freelance Florist is really helping to promote.”

MARIANNE SLATER (freelance florist)

“I got in touch with the team at The Freelance Florist as I knew that I would be needing some extra help with Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. 

I wanted to reach out to a community who had experienced florists registered with them so that I had the assurance that whoever I was having work with me knew what they were doing and didn't need much direction, especially at a busy time.

The whole process from me emailing my vacancy, to it being advertised so stylishly, was quick and easy and I found someone with amazing experience & skill who helped make a usually very busy & stressful time go very smoothly.”

KATH MAIDEN (business owner)

We recently advertised an ongoing position via this site, and although we didn’t proceed with someone from the website on this occasion I was very happy with the response, we had loads of fab applicants write to us, and I would not hesitate to advertise with you in the future. Thanks so much for your help and look forward to speaking when we start recruiting for next season!

BORGO SANTO PIETRO (hotel employer)